Afghanistan: Taliban kill resistance army spokesman in Panjshir


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Tahmina Arian *
August the 6th 2021

The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan had its first martyr named Moahmmad Fahim Dashty (5 September, 2021) who was a spokesperson of the National Resistance Front. He unlike all the leaders and politicians followed the best of pathways for the national interest of Afghanistan not the best for his personal interest. Panjshir resists alone with all the valley residents.

Does anyone know?

Oh, yeah everyone knows in Afghanistan, I forgot, they all announce their presence through social media (facebook) by the hashtags #StandWithPanjshir or #SavePanjsher.


Does it really work? Did it work at the earliest times when you all were announcing #SanctionPakistan?!

No, for sure !

Why don’t we learn of our past mistakes? Why are we making the same mistake again and again? Why only with Afghans?

We all have invited Pakistan to lead our country because we have all filled out surveys on social media regarding our empty brains. Unfortunately, we followed what the rest told us to go after without realising, why should we? or for what purpose we have to do it?

Panjshir and Panjshiri do not resist for themselves only but for an Afghanistan with equal distribution of power and resources, equal rights and freedoms of the citizens, rights of women, social justice and preservation of democracy..

All the Panjshir’s elders who joined the second resistance already have had their last goodbyes to their loved ones in their families. Means, they follow their leader Ahmad Shah Masoud’s footsteps to take on Taliban for a free Afghanistan not just Panjshir.

Tahmina Arian
*Author of the book “Burka: Not My Identity”

Afghanistan: i talebani hanno ucciso il portavoce della resistenza armata in Panjshir


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