“Silvia Romano is still safe and in Kenya”, says police commander

Special for Africa ExPress Robert Nyagah Malindi, January 22nd 2019 Campaigns to secure the release.

Eritrea-Ethiopia peace leads to a refugee surge

IRIN James Jeffrey Mekelle (Ethiopia), 15 November 2018 A group of Eritreans lines up outside.

La passionaccia del pedale contagia l’Africa: dal tour del Ruanda a quello del Gabon si corre ovunque

Dal Nostro Corrispondente Sportivo Costantino Muscau Milano, 28 agosto 2018 Oggi l’unica squadra africana di.

Raped, injected with poison, entire family murdered: One woman’s story in CAR

IRIN Philip Kleinfeld Bangui, March 23rd, 2017 The first time the Séléka rebels captured Danielle*.

Namibia, government issues 95,000 euro permit to hunt and kill a rhino

The Namibian Staff reporter Windhoek, December 31st 2016 Government last month issued a permit to.

Sex with minors, abortion, paedophilia impeach the Queen of Katwe blockbuster Disney

(La versione italiana di questa storia si trova qui) Our Special Correspondent and Editor Massimo.

Hypocrisies: Eritrean dictatorship supports the Ethiopian struggle for democracy

Special for Africa Express Saba Makeda Somewhere inside Eritrea, 31st October 2016 During the UN.

Pregnant and homeless: South Sudan’s women refugees

Special for IRIN Sally Nyakaniyanga Adjumani, Uganda,  30th September 2016 Josephine Maziku arrived at Uganda’s.

Has Algeria taken an anti-IS vaccine?

Special for IRIN Jenny Gustafsson Alger, 28 September 2016 As so-called Islamic State recruits members.

Centrafrica, scuole occupate da gruppi armati: l’anno scolastico non comincia

Africa ExPress Bangui, 29 settembre 2016 L’UNICEF  denuncia che migliaia di bambini e giovani non.