First the chats canceled, then Silvia Romano’s phone disappears

Special for Africa ExPress Massimo A. Alberizzi Nairobi, June 2019 On the 6th of April.

In search of Adan, the “fourth man” who conceived the seizure of Silvia Romano

Special for Africa ExPress Massimo A. Alberizzi Malindi, giugno 2019 In the difficult story of.

Silvia had Reported Pedophile Molesters, perhaps Kidnapped for Revenge

Special for Africa ExPress Massimo A. Alberizzi Nairobi, Mombasa and Malindi, June 15th 2019 Chaos.

In Libya, hard economic times force migrant workers to look elsewhere

IRIN Tom Westcott Tripoli, 18 Frebruary 2019 The well-worn description of migrants in Libya is.

“Silvia Romano is still safe and in Kenya”, says police commander

Special for Africa ExPress Robert Nyagah Malindi, January 22nd 2019 Campaigns to secure the release.

Eritrea-Ethiopia peace leads to a refugee surge

IRIN James Jeffrey Mekelle (Ethiopia), 15 November 2018 A group of Eritreans lines up outside.

La passionaccia del pedale contagia l’Africa: dal tour del Ruanda a quello del Gabon si corre ovunque

Dal Nostro Corrispondente Sportivo Costantino Muscau Milano, 28 agosto 2018 Oggi l’unica squadra africana di.

Raped, injected with poison, entire family murdered: One woman’s story in CAR

IRIN Philip Kleinfeld Bangui, March 23rd, 2017 The first time the Séléka rebels captured Danielle*.

Namibia, government issues 95,000 euro permit to hunt and kill a rhino

The Namibian Staff reporter Windhoek, December 31st 2016 Government last month issued a permit to.

Sex with minors, abortion, paedophilia impeach the Queen of Katwe blockbuster Disney

(La versione italiana di questa storia si trova qui) Our Special Correspondent and Editor Massimo.