Italian Ambassador Killed in eastern Congo: Alarming Documents Come up

Special for Africa ExPress Massimo A. Alberizzi 27 February 2021 Congo’s Foreign Ministry was fully.

Ethiopia, ethnic cleansing strikes again: Melles Zenawi’s daughter arrested and released

Special for Africa ExPress Massimo A. Alberizzi December 22, 2020 The phone call from Ethiopia.

Standing up to the bandits: A Nigerian community looks to forge its own peace

‘We reasoned that all this running and suffering is not going to end; the best.

Ethiopia blocked: increasingly difficult to verify what happens in Tigray

Africa ExPress 24 November 2020 Those who know the geography of Ethiopia know that the.

The ambassador of Ethiopia in Rome explain the point of view of her country

Africa ExPress Rome, 23 September 2020 Africa ExPress contacted the ambassador of Ethiopia in Italy,.

Free immediately the journalists who languish in Eritrean prisons since 2001

From our Correspondent Makeda Saba Somwhere in Eritrea, 4th November 2020 In Eritrea in 2001,.

The Afworki trip to Ethiopia ignores human rights abuses in Eritrea

From our Correspondent Saba Makeda Somewhere in Eritrea, 21 ottobre 2020 From the 12th to.

Cucchiarelli: “Here is the Truth about Ustica. DC9 Shot Down by the Flames of a Fighter”

According to the reconstruction, the aircraft of the Itavia was carrying two uranium rods and was pulled down. The photographs of the cabin glass, dissolved and crumpled by the burns, clearly show that the front part was charred.

Ventisette anni fa per la prima volta rapito dai miliziani somali a Mogadiscio

Massimo A. Alberizzi 26 settembre 2020 Ventisette  anni fa – era il 26 settembre 1993.

Cabo Delgado, Mozambican Soldiers kill Woman: after the Beating, Machine-gunned 36 times

A video, sent to Africa ExPress from one of our Mozambican sources, bears witness to the terrible death of the poor woman live. Less than two minutes – brutal – that are horrifying. Gratuitous violence and unimaginable and unacceptable ferocity