Cucchiarelli: “Here is the Truth about Ustica. DC9 Shot Down by the Flames of a Fighter”

According to the reconstruction, the aircraft of the Itavia was carrying two uranium rods and was pulled down. The photographs of the cabin glass, dissolved and crumpled by the burns, clearly show that the front part was charred.

Ventisette anni fa per la prima volta rapito dai miliziani somali a Mogadiscio

Massimo A. Alberizzi 26 settembre 2020 Ventisette  anni fa – era il 26 settembre 1993.

Cabo Delgado, Mozambican Soldiers kill Woman: after the Beating, Machine-gunned 36 times

A video, sent to Africa ExPress from one of our Mozambican sources, bears witness to the terrible death of the poor woman live. Less than two minutes – brutal – that are horrifying. Gratuitous violence and unimaginable and unacceptable ferocity

The Explosion in Beirut Caused by a Tactical Atomic Bomb Stored at the Port

Special for Africa ExPress Massimo A. Alberizzi and Monica Mistretta August 9th 2020 VERSIONE ITALIANA.

The Sudanese are calling for justice and reform, thousands are protesting all over the country

Special for Africa ExPress Cornelia I. Toelgyes 3 July 2020 A young man died last.

In the Midst of Covid-19 Emergency, Iran Air Flights Disembarked Crews in Rimini outbreak.

Special for Africa ExPress Massimo A. Alberizzi and Monica A. Mistretta Riccione, 4 July 2020.

Silvia Dossier/Parade of Italian Politics in Qatar to Sponsor the War Industry

Last March, the international naval warfare systems fair was held in Doha. The Italian stand was one of the largest and most attended: on display were the latest technological developments of our military-industrial complex.

Dossier Silvia/The Map of Intrigues Widens and now also Passes through Germany

Everyone talks about Silvia’s personal things, rumors that are the background noise to a story, that of her kidnapping in Somalia, whose contours go far beyond the (questionable) sphere of gossip. While we are distracted by media cabaret news, five Iranian oil tankers are about to reach the shores of Venezuela. What do they have to do with Silvia? Her affair has become intertwined with something greater than her

Dossier Silvia/ Religious fundamentalism and democracy, contradiction in terms

In Italy the crime of plagiarism no longer exists. But plagiarism is not exclusive to Muslim groups. Christians also exert psychological pressure to persuade people to convert

Dossier Silvia/”Italians are good people”, Italy’s lucrative arms business in Qatar

  The first article in the dossier on the liberation of Silvia Romano, annexed international intrigues,.