Dossier Silvia/”Italians are good people”, Italy’s lucrative arms business in Qatar

  The first article in the dossier on the liberation of Silvia Romano, annexed international intrigues,.

Dossier Silvia/Qatar gets the Uranium and Pays the Ransom that will be used to Build Skyscrapers

Special for Africa Express Massimo A. Alberizzi and Monica A. Mistretta Milan, May the 2oth.

The Coronavirus Emergency does not Stop Iran Air’s Flights to Europe

Special for Africa ExPress Massimo A. Alberizzi and Monica A. Mistretta April 3, 2020 Most.

The secrets of Coronavirus: seven infected with the Italian embassy in Tehran

Exclusive to Africa ExPress Massimo A. Alberizzi and Monica A. Mistretta March, 26th 2020 “Your parents.

Exchange of Hostages, Intrigues, Spies, Trafficking: how the Coronavirus Travels between Iran and Europe

Turbulent days: French and American prisoners released from Tehran and Iranians freed from France. The strange “technical” stopovers in the airports of Rimini and Pescara. A pasdaran airline pilot flying to Barcelona killed by evil

Kenya adopts more draconian measures to fight COVID-19

Special from our Correspondent Michael Backbone Nairobi, 23th March 2020 The Government of Kenya announced yesterday.

Coronavirus: Italy is locked but flights to Iran stubbornly continue

Worrying air connections between Italy and the Islamic Republic. The Asian country remains the second outbreak of the infection. In October, the treaty around the Iran embargo expires, it was denounced by Trump but still in force for Europeans who will be able to return to their arms selling deals.

No one stops Milan-Rimini-Tehran flights and Iran is the 2nd outbreak of Coronavirus in the world

Special for Africa ExPress Monica Mistretta 9 March 2020 It’s 8:00 pm on March 8,.

Europe Finances Roads Reconstruction but Eritrea still Uses Forced Labor

Special for Africa ExPress Makeda Saba Somewhere inside Eritrea, 5 March 2020 On 18 February.

Eritrean journalist critic of the regime strongly attacked by pro-government thugs in London

Special for Africa ExPress Martin Plaut 2th December 2019 A pattern of attacks on journalists.