Etiopia: appello per il rilascio immediato del giornalista keniota Yassin Yuma


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18 luglio 2020

Riceviamo da Foreign Correspondents’ Association East Africa un appello urgente per il rilascio del giornalista keniota Yassin Yuma, detenuto dal 3 luglio 2020 in Etiopia. Dal momento del suo arresto non è mai stato sentito da un magistrato. Potete seguire il suo caso anche su Facebook e twitter.

Kenyan journalist Yassin Juma has been detained in Ethiopia for nearly two weeks, ever since 3rd July, and has not been publicly produced in court, as far as we know. We feel it is time to bring more attention to this.
Starting tomorrow (Friday) morning at around 10am EAT, FCAEA will start Tweeting, and posting on Facebook, every day, calling on the Ethiopian government to either release him or otherwise provide information as to what he has been charged with and where he is being held. We will be tagging relevant people.
Please retweet and share the posts, and join in the online campaign in any way you can.

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FCAEA Twitter:
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