L’Etiopia del Nobel massacra i tigrini e riduce i quadri delle ambasciate

Speciale per Africa ExPress Cornelia I. Toelgyes 11 agosto 2021 L’Etiopia chiude o riduce all’osso.

Ethiopia, ethnic cleansing strikes again: Melles Zenawi’s daughter arrested and released

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The ambassador of Ethiopia in Rome explain the point of view of her country

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The Afworki trip to Ethiopia ignores human rights abuses in Eritrea

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The revival of Ethiopian Navy, the Horn of Africa, the Red Sea, Regional power dynamics

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Pace Etiopia-Eritrea: il Nobel al premier etiopico, a bocca asciutta il nemico eritreo

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Eritrea-Ethiopia peace leads to a refugee surge

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Eritrea Ethiopia peace process must involve the people – We must speak out

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Securitising Africa’s borders is bad for migrants, democracy, and development

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The Killings of Oromos: Deafening Silence from Ethiopia

Human Right Watch Felix Horne Naironi, April 14th 2016 Since November, state security forces have.