Eritrea-Ethiopia peace leads to a refugee surge

IRIN James Jeffrey Mekelle (Ethiopia), 15 November 2018 A group of Eritreans lines up outside.

Eritrea’s new normal: The tragedy and the struggle for change

Mail and Guardian Meron Estefanos Stockholm, 25th March 2018 Thousands of African refugees and migrants.

Nigerian Refugees pour into Cameroon fearing Boko Haram

Special for IRIN Sylvestre Tetchiada Minawao (Cameroon), 10th August 2015 It’s still early in the.

Food aid cut to Malian refugees in Mauritania

IRIN Nouakchott, 9th  July 2015 Nearly 50,000 Malian refugees are at risk following the suspension.

Kenya turns up the heat on Somali refugees

IRIN Johannesburg/Nairobi, 4 June As security forces in Kenya continue to round up and detain.