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Gaza: strage di giornalisti e foto reporter dal 7 ottobre al 29 gennaio

Speciale per Africa ExPress Elena Clara Savino 28 febbraio...

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The long arm of Asmara: riots in Tel Aviv between Eritrean dictatorship supporters and opponents

Special for Africa ExPress Martin Plaut* London, 6th September 2023 The article in Italian is here On Saturday there was a full-scale riot in Israel, with groups attacking...

Senator Airola to the EU: “In Afghanistan, let’s use the directive on temporary protection” 

Alberto Airola* August 31st 2021 I want to thank the doctors, soldiers, officials, women and men who in these dark days have saved  thousands of Afghans,...

Fallito il vertice ONU sul clima: l’Africa muore e vincono le multinazionali

Tra i primi 10 Paesi del pianeta a maggiore vulnerabilità sui cambiamenti climatici, sette sono nel continente africano

Refugees International: Africa continente più colpito dai cambiamenti climatici

Le coste africane dell'Oceano Indiano saranno quelle maggiormente colpite dai cicloni causati dai cambiamenti climatici in atto. Idai e Kenneth sono un esempio. Lo svela un report di Refugees International

Eritrea-Ethiopia peace leads to a refugee surge

IRIN James Jeffrey Mekelle (Ethiopia), 15 November 2018 A group of Eritreans lines up outside a small, green army tent surrounded by yellow scrubland at the top...

Eritrea’s new normal: The tragedy and the struggle for change

Mail and Guardian Meron Estefanos Stockholm, 25th March 2018 Thousands of African refugees and migrants are trapped in Libya, where they are exposed to enslavement, torture and...

Nigerian Refugees pour into Cameroon fearing Boko Haram

Special for IRIN Sylvestre Tetchiada Minawao (Cameroon), 10th August 2015 It’s still early in the morning in Cameroon’s Far North Region, but hundreds of Nigerian refugees are...

Food aid cut to Malian refugees in Mauritania

IRIN Nouakchott, 9th  July 2015 Nearly 50,000 Malian refugees are at risk following the suspension of food aid to their camp in southeastern Mauritania, with NGOs...

Kenya turns up the heat on Somali refugees

IRIN Johannesburg/Nairobi, 4 June As security forces in Kenya continue to round up and detain thousands of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, most of them Somali,...

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