In Libya, hard economic times force migrant workers to look elsewhere

IRIN Tom Westcott Tripoli, 18 Frebruary 2019 The well-worn description of migrants in Libya is.

Eritrea-Ethiopia peace leads to a refugee surge

IRIN James Jeffrey Mekelle (Ethiopia), 15 November 2018 A group of Eritreans lines up outside.

High-profile terror trial speaks to an emerging threat in Senegal

IRIN Lucinda Rouse Senegal-based freelance journalist covering West Africa Dakar, 1th August 2018 Light sentences.

For refugees in Sudan, fears surround probe into UN resettlement fraud

IRIN Sally Hayden Khartoum, 23th July 2018 Potential witnesses worry about retaliation and complain about.

Niger: migrants arrests in Agadez, the protest of UNHCR

IRIN Niamey, May,4th 2018 Niger calls them mercenaries and wants them expelled. The UN reckons.

A dozen shades of khaki: counter-insurgency operations in the Sahel

IRIN Fabien Offner Freelance journalist based in Dakar The region has never been so militarised..

What one of the deadliest ever attacks on UN peacekeepers means for Congo

IRIN Samuel Oakford Freelance journalist based in New York, and regular IRIN contributor  At least.

How jobs can help Niger win the war against Boko Haram

IRIN Obi Anyadike Editor-at-Large and Africa Editor Difa, 17 July 2017 Demobilising ex-combatants as part.

Securitising Africa’s borders is bad for migrants, democracy, and development

IRIN Loren B. Landau Caroline Kihato Johannesburg, 5th July 2017 South Africa’s National Assembly recently.

Raped, injected with poison, entire family murdered: One woman’s story in CAR

IRIN Philip Kleinfeld Bangui, March 23rd, 2017 The first time the Séléka rebels captured Danielle*.