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Uganda: l’epidemia di ebola (ceppo Sudan ancora senza vaccino) continua la sua corsa di morte

Speciale per Africa ExPress Cornelia I. Toelgyes 3 ottobre...

La maratona di Londra travolta dall’onda nera: etiopi e kenioti hanno conquistato il podio

Dal Nostro Corrispondente Sportivo Costantino Muscau 2 ottobre 2022 Nel...

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Dossier Silvia/The Map of Intrigues Widens and now also Passes through Germany

Everyone talks about Silvia's personal things, rumors that are the background noise to a story, that of her kidnapping in Somalia, whose contours go far beyond the (questionable) sphere of gossip. While we are distracted by media cabaret news, five Iranian oil tankers are about to reach the shores of Venezuela. What do they have to do with Silvia? Her affair has become intertwined with something greater than her

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