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A 48 metri dal cielo, il kenyota Kirui è stato ucciso dall’Everest

Dal Nostro Corrispondente Sportivo Costantino Muscau 26 maggio 2024 Voleva...

L’ONU avverte: rischio genocidio nel Darfur settentrionale

Speciale per Africa ExPress Cornelia I. Toelgyes 25 maggio...

Kenya: l’incredibile performance di una ballerina che non sente i suoni

Africa ExPress 24 maggio 2024 Ha incantato tutti con...


Over 3,770 Migrants Died Trying to Cross the Mediterranean to Europe in 2015

International Organization for Migration Geneva, 31 December 2015 With over 3,770 estimated deaths, 2015 has been the deadliest year on record for migrants and refugees crossing...

On the trail of migrant smugglers

IRIN Johanesburg, 7 January 2014 When the corpses of migrants are discovered in the desert, floating at sea, or in airless container trucks, the official response...

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