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Dossier Silvia/The Map of Intrigues Widens and now also Passes through Germany

Everyone talks about Silvia's personal things, rumors that are the background noise to a story, that of her kidnapping in Somalia, whose contours go far beyond the (questionable) sphere of gossip. While we are distracted by media cabaret news, five Iranian oil tankers are about to reach the shores of Venezuela. What do they have to do with Silvia? Her affair has become intertwined with something greater than her

The Coronavirus Emergency does not Stop Iran Air’s Flights to Europe

Special for Africa ExPress Massimo A. Alberizzi and Monica A. Mistretta April 3, 2020 Most European airports are closed, they only open to accommodate emergency flights. Still,...

A dozen shades of khaki: counter-insurgency operations in the Sahel

IRIN Fabien Offner Freelance journalist based in Dakar The region has never been so militarised. Here’s an overview of the international players in uniform In 2011, several African...

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