US drone Killed Mohammed Kuno, the Mastermind of Garissa Attack (147 dead)


Telegram from Somalia
Africa ExPress stringer
Mogadishu, 17 July2015

Early this morning the areas attacked by drones are calm and al Shabaab militia is marauding the place where some were killed yesterday .

According to the report, Mohamed Kuno, known as Dulyadeyn, the operative of al Shabaab inside north eastern regions of Kenya was killed. Also Isma’el Jabhad and Yasin Dhere were killed during the attack by US drones , as residents of Bardhere and Somali government sources said today.  Mohamed Kuno is the one believed to be the organizer of the bloody attack against Garissa University last April

Mohamed Kuno

The locations occurred were two important areas that al Shabaab hiding and defending the Bardhere town, as residents of the town said, after they spoke with local FM radio in Mogadishu. Also, the Drone attack hit in 2 convoy vehicles carrying three important officers and militia guards, as residents and Somali government indicated.

Isma’el jabhad was one of the familiar militia leaders who carried some of the deadly attacks inside Somalia, while, Mohamed Kuno was in charge in Kenya, as some other sources said.

Some other development indicating before the attack of the drone occurred, a sources from the Indian ocean sea shore seeing a big flash around the sea, as residents of the oceans here in Mogadishu said.


Some residents of Bardhere town are saying that the area occurred the attack now is a big holes.  Some residents of the areas believe that the attack was not only a Drones, but there is a possible missile from a long distance, and the area between Jungle and Bur Haji was closed by al Shabaab militia who blocked it heading to getting in and out these areas, as residents and nomads of the area said

Africa ExPress Mogadishu Stringer

In the picture Mohamed Kuno


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