Al Shebab attacked two hotels in Mogadishu: seven killed and twenty wounded


Telegram from Somalia
Africa ExPress Stringer
Mogadishu, 10 July 2015

Yesterday night al Shabaab attacked two hotels in the capital, Mogadishu.  Initial reports said more than 7 persons killed, including those who attacked at the hotels.

Hotel Weheliye and hotel Siyaad, both located at the Maka al Mukarama main road of the capital, were  seized shortly by al Shaabab militia, then the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) forces of Somali government dislodged at Weheliye hotel and then Siyaad Hotel, as residents and security officers said. “Those who attacked the hotels are lying their dead bodies to the ground,” said  NISA officers, after they spoke with local media tonight.

File photo of new recruits belonging to the al Shabaab militant group marching during a passing out parade at a military training base in Afgoye

The spokesman of al Shabaab confirmed that they attack behind them.  “Our forces entered at the hotels where living our enemy members, seized the buildings and then went back, when they finished the mission,” said the spokesman. A Somali journalist staying inside presidential palace, said that the government forces managing the situation which was going on in front of the presidential palace.  Siyaad Hotel located in front of the presidential palace main gate now is stable and the government forces are controlling, as residents said, when we spoke by phone.  Medical sources are saying that more than 20 wounded people brought to the hospitals, some are very severe, while some others are in normal conditions.bomba emirati

Latest reports indicating that the Minister of internal security confirmed that all seven of terrorists  attackers were killed by Government force and no more casualties. “All 7 attackers were dead, and no more casualties,” said Abdirisak Mohamed, the Minister of Internal security who put the statement in his twitter, after the attack. He added that the situation is now under control by Somali government Forces. 

Africa ExPress Mogadishu Stringer


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