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Addio alla criminalità: la difficile strada verso la normalità di un giovane sudafricano

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ONU conferma: i paramilitari sudanesi reclutano milizie in Centrafrica

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Equatorial Guinea UN Prize

In this July 4, 2011 photo, children sit outside a house in a poor neighborhood in central Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. In preparation for the African Union summit earlier this year, the tiny central African nation spent nearly $800 million building the luxury Sipopo resort to host African heads of state. Western diplomats say that the charm offensive worked, and on Friday, Sept. 30, 2011, the United Nations’ cultural arm may be forced to create a prize named after Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema, a man whose regime is accused of gross human rights violations. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

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